How to Create Your Own Natural Skin Care Recipes

Ever thought of experimenting with your own natural skin care recipes to combat that dry flaky skin?
You have to know that skin basically does everything alone. This means that it can produce enough oil from the sebaceous glands to make it shine and work together perfectly. The problems appear when it becomes dry.

Keeping this in mind there are several solutions you can apply using ingredients already found inside your home or at the local grocery shop.

Remember that what you eat is very important and bad diets or insufficient nutritional ingredients damage every part of the body. To be healthy and have perfect skin a balanced diet is the first factor that has to be taken into consideration. Perfect glowing skin can be achieved.

Have you heard of proteins? Well, they are very important for one’s skin regeneration and repair. Processed food rich in preservatives and salt will take moisture out of your skin. They can also cause the dreaded dry skin everybody is afraid of. Why not eat fish (salmon is the best), turkey, chicken or include in your diet vegetable protein? The all hated vegetables! They contain vegetal protein which is perfect for the body. Avoid frozen food! Vegetables are especially good if fresh.

Why not include in your natural skin care recipes ingredients such as garlic, onions or eggs? The contain Sulfur in a natural form and this substance is very important for the skin. Several multi-vitamins out there also contain sulfur and should be taken into account if your diet is lacking it.

Is your skin cracked? Have you considered being careful that your body receives enough vitamins A and B? Lacks of them cause this. Include in your diet food that contains these vitamins and eat carrots.

Beta-Carotene can be found in them and it’s good not only for your eyes. It plays a significant role in skin care as well.

What you also have to include in your diets number:

* Alpha-Hydroxy acids
* EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids)
* Lactic Acid
* Supplements
* Vitamin E
* Aloe Vera

Another important rule is: Avoid Junk Food! It is simply not good for you from all point of views.

Natural skin care recipes are available everywhere. Some work, some don’t! The best method of choosing one is to ask friends that use them. Also keep in mind that what works for somebody may not work on you! Don’t be discouraged and keep trying.

The best way to keep your skin perfect is by eating healthy and give your body every vitamin and mineral it needs. In most cases there is no need of expensive creams or lotions. A good moisturizer can replace them all if combined with a healthy way of eating.

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